Criminal Law

By Ben Aulich


In defence of Canberra’s Corrective Services Officers

Principal Ben Aulich shares his personal experience of Canberra’s corrective services officers following this week’s Four Corners Report. There is no doubt that the recent disturbing Four Corners Report into children being gassed,…

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Criminal Law

By Jane Carey


My child is not a criminal: Teenagers Sexting

Picture a typical Australian Mother at home, receiving a phone call, out of the blue, from an Australian Federal Police officer about her 15 year old daughter: “I’m afraid she has been charged…

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Criminal Law  .  News & Current Affairs

By Tom Taylor


“You do not have to say or do anything”: Why you should not answer police questions

It is a scenario any one of us could face when we least expect it and a client’s most common question. Should I be answering police questions? Whether innocent or otherwise, police may…

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