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By Caitlin Holloway


Running your mouth on social media could run your wallet dry

When we think about the law of defamation, we often think of celebrities and other high-flyers taking on large media corporations for defamatory stories and articles made in print and television media. These…

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Criminal Law

By Charlene Harris


“But I didn’t press charges!” Why police will arrest your partner regardless.

You make a report to police about your partner’s conduct toward you.  You don’t want to press charges but police charge your partner anyway.  This is a common story, and it is particularly…

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Criminal Law

By Sai Ranjit


Could your poor grammar sink you in a murder trial?

The use of different types of forensic evidence is starting to gain greater traction in Australian Courts, particularly as the use of different technologies become more accepted and more reliable.  As the use…

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By Satomi Hamon


Trial by Media NOT a Fair Trial

‘Trial by media’ is a phrase that gets tossed around ever-increasingly, particularly as a result of the rise and rise of social media.  In essence, it refers to the commercial and social media…

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Civil Law

By Stefan Russell-Uren


Casual Employment in the Hospitality Sector

Working for a restaurant is a rite of passage for students. I haven’t met a young professional who didn’t work in the industry at one point or another. The reason that most students…

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