Criminal Law

By Zoe Jones


No option for an early ‘not guilty verdict’: Prasad directions taken off the table

In a disquieting decision for criminal lawyers (and their clients), on 20 March 2019 the 7 judges of the High Court of Australia unanimously concluded the long-accepted practise of a trial judge giving…

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Civil Law

By Caitlin Holloway


Court finds certifier breached its statutory and contractual duties by failing to identify building defects

The ACT Supreme Court has awarded damages against a building certifier who failed to identify building defects prior to issuing stage certificates for a residential dwelling. The decision in Hyblewski v Bellerive Homes…

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News & Current Affairs

By Peter Woodhouse


Fraser Anning may end up with more than egg on his face

I assume, like me, most of you had a bit of a chuckle at the footage of Senator Fraser Anning getting ‘egged’ by young Will Connolly (affectionately known a “Egg Boy”) on Saturday….

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Criminal Law

By Anna Bennett


Pell guilty in the Court of public opinion, perhaps not guilty in the Court of law

A key concept of criminal law which lawyers, law students and the general population alike find incredibly difficult to grasp, is the reality that committing a criminal act, is not unequivocally synonymous with…

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Criminal Law

By Bridie Harders


Are suppression orders now a fallacy and if so, what should we do about it?

The availability of suppression orders in criminal proceedings has been considered, by some, to be a controversial concept. There is the tension between the need to administer justice in an open and transparent…

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Criminal Law

By Carley Hitchins


New laws to compel adults to report child sexual abuse or face imprisonment

A new law touted by the ACT Government in recent weeks proposes to make it a crime for any adult in Canberra, who believes on reasonable grounds that a child has suffered sexual…

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