Civil Law

By Minuri Dharmasena


Why an oral contract just isn’t good enough

As more small businesses turn to social media influencers to advertise their products, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) has issued a timely reminder of the value of a good old-fashioned…

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Criminal Law

By Kate Gunther


Criminal Consequences for Vegan Freedom Fighters

Remember the days when anyone who lived without delicious ice cream, chocolate or cheese were doing so because of a dire health condition or allergy? Remember how you pitied those people? Well, pity…

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By Carley Hitchins


I’m only here for the democracy sausage

If you needed more of an incentive than a democracy sausage to vote tomorrow, unless you have a ‘valid and sufficient’ reason, a failure to vote in a federal election can result in…

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Criminal Law

By Charlene Harris


Drink, drive, and be shown no mercy: New South Wales drink driving law reforms

Non-conviction orders are well known and highly sought after.  They are most often seen in criminal matters of objectively lower seriousness, including low-range and mid-range drink driving offences, as well as drug driving…

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Criminal Law

By Peter Woodhouse


Assange sentence – a good lesson on bail laws

The average Joe or Joanna probably doesn’t have an accurate understanding of Australian bail laws.  A lot of people think of the U.S. style system where you have to stump-up a large sum…

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