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By Kate Gunther


Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

We all know one of these depraved activities is already outlawed in Bali on pain of death (or extended periods in custody). Drugs have long been illegal at the favourite holiday destination, and…

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Civil Law

By Olivia Huntington


The Religious Discrimination Bill – protecting discrimination or facilitating it?

The Commonwealth Government has now released three highly anticipated draft bills, in response to the findings of its Expert Panel into Religious Freedom in its report of December 2018. This panel was called…

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Criminal Law

By Satomi Hamon


Child sex dolls – are they legal? Should they be?

Child sex dolls are anatomically correct, life-size dolls made to look like pubescent and prepubescent children. They are currently manufactured in overseas markets, including China, Hong Kong and Japan, and are designed to…

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Civil Law

By Stefan Russell-Uren


A legal look at ordinary hours and overtime allocation

Employers, and their HR managers, will be acutely aware of various penalties and loadings applied against time worked by employees – especially in industries involving the conduct of business at irregular hours. Because…

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Criminal Law

By Carley Hitchins


Making you a murderer- how unreliable forensic techniques can put you behind bars

Justice Chris Maxwell, President of the Victorian Court of Appeal, made headlines this week when he commented on a number of questionable practises dressed up as reliable forensic evidence.  He noted some forensic…

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Criminal Law

By Charlene Chalker-Harris


Hands up, pants down – strip searches on the rise

What do music festivals, train stations, regional town shows and supermarkets have in common?  They are all locations where strip searches have been conducted by police. Strip searches are inherently intrusive and can…

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