Criminal Law

By Charlene Harris


Be careful what Santa brings down your chimney, because it may just land you behind bars over Christmas.

Gel blasters, also known as gel blaster guns, are becoming increasingly popular and the numbers of them appearing in the ACT have been on the rise throughout 2019.  Around 80 gel blasters were…

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News & Current Affairs

By Peter Woodhouse


The interview with Lawyer X

As the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants in Victoria continues, Lawyer X – Nicola Gobbo, took to the airways in a secretive interview on ABC’s 7:30 on Tuesday night. If…

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News & Current Affairs

By Ben Aulich


Freedom of Speech – even if the speech is stupid

It sticks in my craw to hear that fanatically religious footballer said in the media yesterday “Wiv today’s acknowledgement and apology by Rugby Austraya we have been vindicated”. He’s just too stupid to…

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