Law Updates

By Alexis Currier


LGBTQI+ Conversion Therapy banned in the ACT

On 27 August 2020, the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill. In short, the newly enacted Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Act 2020 (the Act) to…

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Criminal Law

By Mara Dodson


Capital Punishment: Things to know today

Another US Presidential Cycle, another discussion of the Big Issues. As usual, Capital Punishment is right up there. In short compass, Joe Biden and the Democrats say abolish it. In a surprise to…

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By Peter Woodhouse


Lawyer X: from the perspective of a criminal defence lawyer

For those of you not familiar with the story of Lawyer X, in 2019 it was revealed that Victorian barrister, Nicola Gobbo, had been working with police as an informer, which apparently included…

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