By Peter Woodhouse


Bridie goes to the Bar

Aulich is known for attracting the best and brightest legal practitioners, so it’s only natural that we sometimes have to say goodbye to our star recruits as they pursue their career goals.

Our much-loved Partner and friend, Bridie Harders, has decided to become a barrister, so will be leaving the business on 16 July 2021.

Bridie has been with Aulich (and its previous iterations) for 12 years, starting as a paralegal fresh out of law school. She has never looked back, moving through the ranks from solicitor to senior associate and then to partner.

In that time, she also had four beautiful children who are as much a part of the Aulich family as Bridie has been.

While it’s with sadness that we say goodbye for now, we look forward to sending plenty of briefs Bridie’s way once she becomes a fully-fledged barrister, so she can continue to fight the good fight for Aulich clients.

We’re proud to be supporting Bridie in this exciting new chapter of her career. Moving to the Bar is a tough gig but one we know she will tackle with her usual skill and panache.

While Bridie’s will be big shoes to fill, we remain committed to delivering the same exceptional services to our valued clients. We will make an announcement shortly on a new addition to the Aulich team.

If you have any questions about your matter as a result of this announcement, please contact me directly at

Peter Woodhouse