Civil Law

By Tegan Larter


Plan ahead for when you’re dead or you’ll be rolling in your grave

You’ve lived a great life, achieved everything you’ve set out to achieve, and prepared a will leaving your estate exactly where you want it to go. So that’s it, right? You die and…

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Civil Law  .  News & Current Affairs

By Caitlin Holloway


Running your mouth on social media could run your wallet dry

When we think about the law of defamation, we often think of celebrities and other high-flyers taking on large media corporations for defamatory stories and articles made in print and television media. These…

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Civil Law

By Stefan Russell-Uren


Casual Employment in the Hospitality Sector

Working for a restaurant is a rite of passage for students. I haven’t met a young professional who didn’t work in the industry at one point or another. The reason that most students…

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Civil Law

By Erin Taylor


“This is not the way men do things” – have you been the subject of sex discrimination?

Sex discrimination and sexual harassment have been a very live issue in the media of late (if you haven’t see it, where have you been?) I count myself lucky to work in a…

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Civil Law

By Rachael Scott


Leaving your dog unattended in a hot car is animal cruelty.

As we head in to an inevitably hot Australian summer, there is a crucial point that needs to be made clear to every pet owner: do not leave your dog in the car….

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