By Carley Hitchins


I’m only here for the democracy sausage

If you needed more of an incentive than a democracy sausage to vote tomorrow, unless you have a ‘valid and sufficient’ reason, a failure to vote in a federal election can result in…

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News  .  Criminal Law

By Satomi Hamon


Trial by Media NOT a Fair Trial

‘Trial by media’ is a phrase that gets tossed around ever-increasingly, particularly as a result of the rise and rise of social media.  In essence, it refers to the commercial and social media…

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By Monica McGrath


Trekking Kokoda for Eating Disorders

Over 11 years ago, Jacqui lost over half of her body weight. She was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, she was 19 years old. Jacqui was studying at university, popular and seemingly had everything…

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