Criminal Law

By Peter Woodhouse


Criminal Matters

We understand that the following months will be unpredictable and daunting for all of us. It’s incumbent on us to do what we can in this climate to help others and see we all get through this. As such, the partners of Aulich Criminal Law have agreed to reduce our fees and provide fixed rates for some ACT criminal matters to ensure we can better assist people who are also facing court matters in the near future.

As such, will be offering the following:

  • Drink-driving pleas $1500;
  • Pleas of guilty in ACT Magistrates Court for other offences (including family violence matters) $2000;
  • Hearings in ACT Magistrates Court $5000; and
  • Fixed pricing on some ACT Supreme Court trials.

All rates quoted above are exclusive of GST.

Ordinarily we do not think fixed fees are appropriate because it encourages some of our competitors to take short cuts – but we want to offer people a chance to get back on their feet and give them certainty with legal their fees in a climate where not much is certain for the next little while.

If you would like to take advantage of these rates, please contact our office.

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