By Peter Woodhouse


Ben Aulich – an update from our Managing Partner

On 15 March 2022 in the ACT Magistrates Court, a subpoena issued by us against the AFP was set aside by the presiding magistrate.

The subpoena sought access to material relied on by the AFP to begin an undercover operation against Ben. The AFP has so far refused to provide information on the process that led to charges being laid.

The decision means we continue to be prevented from accessing information that is critical to a fair legal process. We are now considering seeking a judicial review of that decision in the ACT Supreme Court.

We are pleased to report that also in yesterday’s hearing, most of the bail restrictions against Ben were lifted, meaning he is once again able to represent our valued clients to the fullness of his ability.

We will be back in the ACT Magistrate’s Court on June 20, 2022, for arguments around a proposed amendment to the remaining charge against Ben.

We thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to fight for fairness and transparency in this matter.