By Peter Woodhouse


Ben Aulich & Bridie Harders – an update from our Managing Partner

I appeared on behalf of my business partners, Ben Aulich and Bridie Harders today in the ACT Magistrates Court in relation to an application to vary the conditions of bail.

No doubt you may have read that the variation sought to allow unfettered contact between Ben, Bridie and Satomi, save for discussing this particular matter.  We are of course very pleased that the variation was granted, despite the opposition from the DPP.

One of the reasons we sought the variation in Court today was so that we could ensure the clients of Aulich are represented as well and as efficiently as possible. That will continue. We take the opportunity to thank our clients for your loyalty and remaining part of the Aulich family.

With the interests of our clients in mind, we also want to clarify one aspect of the news articles about today’s application.  The evidence in Ben and Bridie’s matter is that an Undercover Police Officer covertly recorded private conferences and conversations with them whilst wearing what is commonly referred to as a ‘wire’. There is nothing to suggest that the Aulich offices were or have ever been ‘bugged’ in any other matter.