Personal Injury

Personal Injury.
The public’s intelligence ought not to be insulted with advertising slogans simply to get your business promising ‘no win, no fee.’

We’re about one thing: winning.
The fee will be fair, and the service will be outstanding.


Don’t settle for less

When it comes to personal injury, we’ll spare you the gimmicks. Like other firms we can offer “no win, no fee” and we won’t settle for less just to get a quick result. We’ll often cover expenses until your matter is heard.

We don’t base our approach on fast turnarounds. While it’s in your interest that we resolve the case in a timely fashion, we won’t give up a fight just to get some quick but small pay-out.

A member of our team will work with you closely to establish the circumstances which will best ensure your entitlement to fair compensation. We offer a steady, guiding hand helping you to navigate through what can be a difficult and stressful process.

Strict time limits apply to many compensation claims. It’s crucial to seek the right legal advice as soon as possible if you believe that you have a claim to compensation.

We invite you to share your story with our personal injury lawyers, and take the first step toward getting what you want.


You’ve had one accident. Avoid another.

When you’re injured and on the back foot, it’s important to take the right step moving forward. As time is critical in these matters, it pays to seek legal advice as soon as possible. We’re here to take immediate action on your behalf.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident or other incident causing personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation – for your pain and suffering, for continuing disabilities, and for expenses and wage loss.

The best advice we can give you is: get in touch with our team and we can discuss your circumstances and determine where to go from there.

With our lawyers achieving outstanding successes for many clients, you may be confident that we’ll know just what to do.

The complex nature of the ACT Worker’s Compensation system means it is imperative to seek the best representation. Our lawyers understand the intricacies of the system and leverage our knowledge to achieve great results.

If you’re in the workforce and receive an injury or even illness in the course of your employment – or a previously existing condition is aggravated at your work – then you may be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers have an enviable record of helping workers and employees receive the fair and timely results that they deserve.

How do I know if I’m covered by Workers Comp?

Typically, workers’ compensation schemes cover all full-time, part-time, casual, temporary and intern positions and certain subcontractors.

Alternatively, if you work for the Commonwealth Government or a large national company, you may be eligible to claim under the Federal ComCare scheme. It sounds confusing, but we know it, and we’ll look after you.

Types of workplace injuries

The level of compensation and the benefits to which you are entitled are dependent, among other things, on the severity of the injury, which is why it’s important to choose us. We know what we’re doing and can advise you appropriately.

Injuries are not all broken bones and wounds, but can include heart conditions, cancers, a stroke or even asthma. The short answer is to seek legal advice immediately the condition or disability becomes evident.  Even though filing the claim itself can be completed quickly, the legal process that follows can take years, which is why we encourage our clients to speak with us as soon as possible to ensure their proceedings are up and running quickly and take no longer than absolutely necessary.

Unlike lawyers at some larger firms, where their abilities are often spread too thinly to ensure individual attention, with us you’ll receive a dedicated, specialist personal injury lawyer assigned to your case.

Lawyers have to deal with tragedy.

Such pain and anguish results from the death of a loved one, especially in circumstances where there has been negligence. This is often the worst experience– and we all need help. Our lawyers act on behalf of those impacted by the death of a loved one as a result of the negligence of another party with both objectivity and empathy.

Our team offers trusted advice and ongoing support throughout this trying time as we fight to ensure the compensation you and your family deserve.

Medical negligence is the failure of a healthcare provider to treat a patient with reasonable care, causing harm.

Such negligence includes the failure to diagnose correctly, and can even include an incorrect referral to a different medical practitioner. Our first responsibility is to identify whether you may be entitled to a medical claim covering a range of issues.

Many if not most people are reluctant to sue a doctor or medical professional – although every one of them is insured, and settling a claim almost never involves the doctor or medical practitioner in a personal sense. We deal, rather, with the lawyers for the insurance companies.

The Team

We stand tall for all

While we may be overshadowed by their monumental office buildings, we are never intimidated by big insurance companies. We understand the ways of the weasel and the wolf. Our surefooted, small-but-powerful practitioners are always up to speed, and never afraid of a fight.

Ben Aulich


Less More about Ben

As founding partner of the firm, our Principal Ben Aulich has established himself as Canberra’s most reputable criminal lawyer.

The word ‘tenacious’ is an understatement. For Ben, winning is everything. If he is quiet in court, it’s not because he is lost for words. He’s fond of saying that one must never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake.

After graduating from Flinders University in South Australia with an economics degree, a law degree from Canberra University and a graduate diploma in legal practice from ANU, Ben was admitted to legal practice in 2000. Initially working at a boutique law practice for three years solely in crime, Ben then joined a large commercial litigation firm, practicing in corporate law and commercial litigation. That gave Ben a well-rounded exposure to Court matters and litigation.

Ben’s passion for his client’s rights is infectious. It’s the reason our team is so close-knit, and so committed. It’s helpful that Ben’s fixation with winning is also motivation for clients. He’s certainly not afraid of sleepless nights … if it ensures they ultimately get some sleep.

Bridie Harders

Senior Associate

Less More about Bridie

Bridie is one of our most highly-admired and determined lawyers. She prides herself on fighting tooth and nail for clients, and has the special attribute of working in both the civil and criminal areas of our practice. Yet another first-class honours graduate from the Australian National University, Bridie has been in practice in Canberra for over 8 years.

As a generalist, her expertise is in criminal law, defamation, personal injuries, corporations law and insolvency, bankruptcy, commercial and contractual disputes, and debt recovery.

Bridie has worked on everything from appeals in the High Court of Australia to advising large corporations and property developers, and individuals charged with serious criminal offences. Bridie is assertive without unnecessary aggression (but it’s true to say that she’s the only person our Partner Ben has had to pull back from a fight).

Bridie has been a member of the ACT Law Society’s Complaints Committee since 2012, and is an inaugural member of the ACT Branch of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, having held that position since 2012.

Kate Gunther


Less More about Kate

Kate graduated from university with first class honours and went on to receive the University Medal for the highest academic results of all undergraduate students in the faculty of Business, Government and Law. That’s why we wanted her.

Headhunted from the Fair Work Commission because of her sharp mind, academic determination and achieving the standing of her University’s best student in law, Kate practises in personal injury and criminal law and relishes our ‘go hard or go home’ culture– even if that means she often leaves work in the early hours of the morning. It’s her dedication to clients that sees her achieve remarkable results.

Her successes include securing significant financial settlements for personal injury clients, the dismissal of all charges for a mentally impaired client, a non-conviction order for charges commanding a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, and the acquittal of a client charged with 14 serious offences in the ACT Supreme Court.

Kate is an avid reader, eager writer and, much to our benefit, she enjoys talking a lot too. She was drawn to law by the prospect of a profession in which she could enjoy all three of her ‘passions’. Her clients can attest that her wit is given daily exercise with us.

Kate clocks off by reading Harry Potter. Fair enough, Kate.

Andrew Byrnes


Less More about Andrew

Andrew completed a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction at the University of Wollongong. Since moving to Canberra and being admitted to the Supreme Court he has gained experience in a range of legal practice areas including criminal law, personal injury, wills and estates and commercial litigation.

Aulich head-hunted Andrew to join our team because we admired his intelligence, ability and dedication to his clients. Andrew is passionate about advocacy and thrives off the high-pressure situations that being in Court often delivers. Since joining the Aulich team, Andrew has continued to achieve outstanding results for his clients.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Andrew managed a Domino’s pizza store for 7 years. Andrew says his time at Domino’s cradled his addiction to pizza and he is now a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur. On the weekend you’ll often find Andrew devouring a full pizza to himself and despite loving his fiancée dearly, he admits he prefers not to share a slice with her.  Andrew is a firm believer that pineapple does have a place on a good pizza.

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