Property Law.
Don’t get played (or is the new word “gamed”?) in property law. While it can all be very exciting, it’s an industry plagued by pinstripes, shiny shoes and suspiciously warm handshakes.

Let us play the game, while you sit on the sideline, confident that you’re covered by our experience and ability.


Keeping real estate real

When it comes to the investment in your life, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. We can keep things grounded without popping your balloon.

Whether it’s a multi-storey building, a shopping centre, your dream home or an investment property, We keep real estate real. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling a house, we understand that conveyancing can be a daunting and confusing process that seems to complicate the transaction. With our guidance and clear legal advice, you can rest easy knowing a highly-qualified team is in charge of your property transactions.

Our goal is to eliminate the worry, remove the risk and make the process simple so you and your loved ones can enjoy the good life you’ve worked so hard for.


Conveyancing is just the beginning

We offer a comprehensive suite of property law services. One thing stays true: we’re good and efficient. We can advise across the whole property spectrum: on established, off-the-plan, vacant land, land rent, building contracts, commercial projects and put and call options.

We offer conveyancing services for ACT and NSW:
  • Residential sales and purchases
  • Auction advices
  • Off-the-plan purchases
  • Land rent
  • Vacant land
  • Commercial
  • Community plan
  • House and land packages
  • Put and call options
  • Foreign investors
  • Related party transfers

You’re a buyer?
We provide advice and guide buyers through a conveyance.

You’re a seller?
We will draft a Contract for Sale and guide you through a conveyance.

You’re a builder?
We draft and advise on put and call options, property acquisitions, sales and many other things relating to building and the buying and selling of property.

You’re a developer?
Our team has the skill to draft off-the-plan Contracts for Sale to protect your interests and to work with you and your team (selling agents, banks and even architects) for a seamless sale.

Related parties transfers and commercial acquisitions

In this special field, we can provide you with clear legal advice and seamless conveyancing services to remove the risk and the worry. Our dedication to providing jargon-free advice will help remove the confusion – and all unnecessary costs. It’s also why our clients continue to trust us with some of the most significant dealings in their lives.

Other property matters

Our services include the sale of property involving:

  • Retirement villages
  • Rural
  • House and land packages

The Team

A specialist team built from the ground up

We’re about more than helping you buy or sell property, we’re here to build relationships. We guide people through life’s most exciting moments to ensure our high level of service never hits a ceiling.

Erin Taylor


Less More about Erin

Community-minded, sports mad dynamo Erin gives all new meaning to the term ‘all-rounder’. After completing a double degree of a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Administration) and a Bachelor of Laws followed by a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at ANU, she applied her athletic sense of justice at the Australia Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

She then moved over to the ACT Government followed by the ACT Academy of Sport, until the siren call of the legal profession proved too strong. After all, Erin did tell her year two teacher that she wanted to be a lawyer when she grew up. We chose Erin to be part of the battle ranks at Aulich due to her unrivalled knowledge of each and every commercial area, as well as her thorough understanding of the issues facing businesses and sporting bodies on all levels.

In her time at Aulich Erin has become a fierce litigator getting really great results for her clients from property developers to individuals and everything in between. The combination of her commercial and litigation knowledge makes her a real asset to her clients and a difficult opponent for her opposition.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Erin is a Director on the Board of Touch Football Australia. Prior to that she was the proud holder of various board and not-for-profit section appointments such as being the Chair of Touch Football ACT as well as the Chair of the Touch Football ACT Judiciary and a Director on the Board of Netball ACT. In addition to being sports mad, Erin is extremely passionate about giving back to the community and will often spearhead our involvement in charitable events.

Emma West

Conveyancing Manager

Less More about Emma

Emma brought a wealth of experience with her when she joined Aulich in 2020. Her passion for property law started over 9 years ago where she worked for a boutique firm in Manuka as a conveyancing assistant. From there she moved to another Canberra firm where she worked as a Conveyancer for 5 years.

Whether it is a client’s first or third home, it’s likely to be their biggest asset. That is why Emma ensures her client’s needs are always her first priority.

When Emma isn’t busy looking after her clients, you’ll find her enjoying time with family and friends or creating content for her insta which is #onpoint.

Tegan Coleman


Less More about Tegan

Tegan has been part of the Aulich team for many years and is another example of our ‘home grown’ success stories.  Prior to joining the Aulich crew, Tegan worked in Real Estate and she has a proved passion for the property industry.

Tegan shows pride and dedication in implementing our tried-and-true systems and processes to ensure things run smoothly for our clients.

Tegan is growing her young family and particularly loves to help other families in the throes of purchasing their first home. Spending quality time with her young family (including Dexter the Labradoodle) is exactly what you’ll find Tegan doing when she isn’t at work.

Olivia Wright


Less More about Olivia

When Emma joined the Aulich team, Olivia was a package deal. These two are the property dream team and we couldn’t be happier to have snagged them both! Olivia thrives off the fast-paced work environment that property law offers. She is efficient and well-organised and prides herself on getting difficult transactions across the line before the deadline. Olivia’s caring nature makes her client’s feel at ease when making the biggest transaction of their life.

Olivia is arguably the Toronto Maple Leafs’ biggest fan – that’s ice hockey for those who aren’t familiar. She even named her cat ‘Maple’ in true deference.  Whilst she applies some the grit and determination of the Bay Street Bullies to her conveyancing work, she does so a little less aggressively!

Joan Butler

Settlements Manager

Less More about Joan

Joan is Aulich’s resident ‘favourite aunty’.  Whilst she joined us in 2015, she has known and worked with our partners for over 15 years.  She was headhunted to be an integral part of our property team because of her extensive knowledge and experience in conveyancing. Having worked in the industry for 30 years it is safe to say there is not much Joan doesn’t know!

Joan is a much-loved colleague to everyone at Aulich, partly because of her self-appointed authority to call a Friday afternoon early mark after a long, tough week.

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