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By Aulich


Spring has Sprung

Aulich’s Selling Tips

  • Bring in the spring aromas. To change the feeling of your space, try infusing scent into your home using diffusers, incense or freshly cut plants. This will have an impact on Buyers during their inspection of your home and really set the mood.
  • Whip that garden into shape. When you’re selling in the spring, try to ensure that your yard is looking schmick & tidy! Rid your garden of winter debris and start planning those beautiful garden beds that we so often love to admire. A colourful, tidy garden can be a statement of how well looked after your home is.
  • Show off bright colours. Spring is known as the ‘most beautiful’ time of the year, so why not bring some of those bright, pastel & floral colours into your home to really introduce that spring vibe everyone loves.
  • Do some spring cleaning. A colourful, tidy home can be a statement of how well looked after your home is and will make your home seem much more appealing. Start scrubbing and cleaning, remove those bulky winter clothes from your wardrobe to show more space, and pull out the crisp linen

It is that time of year where people like to spend more time enjoying the sunshine, and less time worrying about life’s paperwork.

At Aulich, we are a boutique, upfront business offering a personable, satisfactory and high-end experience to our clients. We understand how important your property is to you.

Whilst selling or buying property can seem problematic, our team will ensure that any anticipated issues or problems that arise, are dealt with before they happen.

We deliver good communication and high-quality services to our clients and will keep you informed every step of the way.

So, while those flowers begin to bloom and that temperature starts to rise, pop your drinks on ice, sit-bank and let us do the paperwork for you.

If you are buying or selling a property, contact our Conveyancing team today on 02 6279 4222 or email us at info@aulich-wp.swell.