Criminal Law

By Ben Aulich


In defence of Canberra’s Corrective Services Officers

Principal Ben Aulich shares his personal experience of Canberra’s corrective services officers following this week’s Four Corners Report. There is no doubt that the recent disturbing Four Corners Report into children being gassed,…

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Criminal Law  .  News & Current Affairs

By Peter Woodhouse


Shielding yourself from wrongful gaol time: What beyond reasonable doubt really means

Peter Woodhouse, partner at Ben Aulich & Associates, looks at a fundamental jury question in criminal trials. I have been involved in many jury trials and I cannot think of one where a jury…

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Criminal Law  .  News & Current Affairs

By Jane Carey


Self-defence: When do you cross the line?

How far can you go to defend yourself? Jane Carey looks further into the issue of self-defence. At some point in your life you will probably face a time when either you or…

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