By Monica McGrath


Win the Day – For Kak and her family

In 2019 a young Canberra family received some of the worst news you could ever expect to get as a parent, their little girl Kak was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Wilms Tumour.  A Wilms Tumour is a rare cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children, rarely in adults

After several tests, surgeries, chemo and hospital stays at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick they were told in early 2020 that Kak was cancer-free. Obviously they were elated.  Later that year they were given the terrible news that the cancer had returned.

Throughout their journey, they have had firsthand experience with the trials and tribulations that all families face when their child is diagnosed with cancer. In particular, they learned that the support services available to families vary depending on the type of cancer and the same support services were not available for a child suffering a cancer as rare as Kak’s.

To help support other parents of kids with rare cancers, Kak’s mother Kirsty started Win the Day.  Win the Day is an Australian based, public, not-for-profit charity which aims to raise awareness and support the funding of research related to rare childhood cancers. Additionally, Win the Day supports families through the very difficult time that is having a child with a rare cancer, including financially through accommodation, meals, and treatment grants. This support is exactly what they discovered was lacking during their own experience.

Aulich is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Win the Day Gala Dinner, to be held later this year in Canberra. This post is a call for help, for other Canberra businesses or individuals who are in the position to do the same to step up. There are a number of ways you can support Win the Day, including:

🌈 Making a donation

🌈 Paying for a meal

🌈 Purchasing merchandise

🌈 Becoming a sponsor

You can follow Kak’s journey on Facebook at ‘Kaks Journey’.

Additionally, you can find out more about Win the Day via their Instagram and Facebook @winthedaycharity or their website